42mm Threaded Lens Board for LPL 4x5 Enlargers

New LPL lens board for enlarging lenses with 42mm mounting thread such as certain Schneider Componon-S 135 and 150mm lenses. Please check the thread diameter of your lens. The lensboard is threaded, so no retaining ring or mounting flange is required. Lensboards with 25mm, 32.5mm, 39mm, 50mm, 53mm, and 55mm thread are also available.

    These lens boards fit the following:
  • LPL 7450, 7451, 7452, and 7452L 4x5 enlargers
  • Jobo/LPL 7415, 7425, and 7435 4x5 enlargers
  • Omega/LPL 4500-II and 4550XLG 4x5 enlargers
  • Saunders/LPL 4500, 4500-II, 4550XL, and 4550XLG 4x5 enlargers  
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