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How can I find the shipping cost for my order?

You can get the shipping costs for any item or combination of items prior to purchase by adding them to your shopping cart and then clicking on "View cart" or "Shopping Cart" on the menus. On the "Your shopping cart" page there is a link to "Calculate shipping cost". Simply click on that link and in a few seconds the available shipping options and costs will be displayed in a list.


What does the shipping option "Other - cost to be advised" mean?

This option is available for customers who wish to use a specific service other than Canada Post, or who wish to make their own shipping arrangements. If you have an alternate choice for shipping or wish to make arrangements for your shipping service to pick up the order, please provide instructions. "Other - cost to be advised" will appear as the only shipping option if the item(s) in your order exceed the dimensional or weight limitations allowable for shipping to the country specified. It may also appear as the only shipping option if the Canada Post shipping calculator is temporarily offline or has timed out. Should this happen, you can wait a bit and try again, or contact us so we can advise you of the available shipping options and costs.


I clicked on [Buy Now] or   [  Add to cart],  but now the button says  [Notify me when available]. Does this mean I can't buy the item I selected?

If you add an item to your cart and the button changes to "Notify me when available", it means that you have added the last of that item to your shopping cart and there are no more of that item in stock. Click on "View cart" or "Shopping Cart" on the menu and you'll find that the item is there in your shopping cart, and you can complete the purchase by proceeding to Checkout. If you delete the item from your shopping cart, or abandon your cart, the item will be returned to available inventory, and the buttons will change back to [Buy Now] and [Add to cart].