6x9 Negative Carrier for Omega D Series 4x5 Enlargers

Two-piece glassless sandwich type 6x9cm (2¼" x 3¼") roll film format negative carrier for Omega D series 4x5 enlargers, including the D-2, D-3, D-4, D-5, D-6, and ProLab II.

The used carriers have cosmetic markings from previous use, but are in perfect working condition. They have not been filed out or modified.  Note: Omega has supplied the #423-360 carriers in two different finishes - white upper and black lower, and all black finish (pictured). The carrier(s) shipped may be either type.

The non-OEM carriers are not manufactured by Omega but are fully interchangeable. They are "new-old-stock" and made from black anodized aluminum but may have minor cosmetic marks from manufacturing and storage, so we classify them as used. They have been fitted with an original Omega alignment frame on the bottom.

Note: For negative carrier information for specific Omega enlargers, please refer to our Omega Enlarger Guide.

Product # 9-423-360#N
Manufacturer's Part # 423-360
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