Arkay 11x14 Archival Print Washer

The Arkay Model 1 11x14 Archival Print Washer provides a durable and efficient archival type washer for fiber base and RC prints. The washer features an overflow design, providing fast exchange of wash water, with an additional fixer port to ensure that the heavier hypo is drained from the bottom of the tank. The print rack holds each print in a separate compartment allowing fresh water to flow between and around each print. The print rack will accommodate up to twenty 8"x 10" prints, or ten 11"x 14" prints per load. 20"L x 6"W x 14"H dimensions. Includes stainless steel tank, print rack, and hose with standard "garden hose" threaded connection. Made in the USA.
Product # RKMODEL1
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