Beseler 23CIII-XL Enlarger Instruction Manual

Beseler 23CIII-XL Enlarger Instruction Manual
High quality copy of the original Beseler instruction manual for 23CIII-XL enlargers. This deluxe reproduction features a comb binding so it will lie flat for easy reference, front and back covers on heavy cover stock, and a clear plastic cover page for added protection and durability. 8˝" x 11" format. Comb bound. 18 pages.

Topics covered in the manual include: 

  • Parts Illustration
  • Specifications
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Lens Selection and Mounting
  • Inserting the Negative
  • Positioning the Condenser Stage
  • Elevation and Focus
  • Negative Distortion Control
  • Oversize Prints
  • 23C III-XL Dichro Lamphouse
  • 23C III-XL Variable Contrast Lamphouse     
  • Alignment of the Negative Stage
  • Alignment of the Lens Stage
  • Changing Lamphouses
  • Maintenance
  • Accessories
  • Parts Diagrams and Parts Lists

Note: During it's long production run, there have been numerous revisions to the 23C resulting in multiple versions of the instruction manual. Although basic operation of the 23C condenser enlarger has remained much the same, parts diagrams and parts lists differ between the versions. If you are unsure as to which manual to purchase, please click here to refer to our 23C Manuals Selection Chart.

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