Beseler 45H 4x5 Enlarger Instruction Manual

Beseler 45H 4x5 Enlarger Instruction Manual

High quality copy of the original instruction manual for 45-H series enlargers. 8½" x 5½" format. Staple bound. 23 pages.


Topics covered in the manual include: 

  • The Negative Stage
  • The Negative Carrier
  • Using The Adjustable Negative Stage Assembly
  • Using Various Size Negative Carriers In The Model 45HA     
  • Lenses and The Lens Stage
  • Magnification
  • Reductions
  • The Filter Drawer
  • Lens Stage Brake
  • Horizontal Projection
  • Beslite Illumination
  • Negative Distortion Control
  • Special Hints
  • Replacement Parts


Note: If your 45H enlarger has been fitted with an illumination system other than the condenser or Beslite lamphouse, you will also require the appropriate manual for that system.

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