Beseler 45MXT 4x5 Enlarger Instruction Manual

Beseler 45MXT 4x5 Enlarger Instruction Manual
High quality copy of the original Beseler instruction manual for 45MXT condenser enlargers. This deluxe reproduction features a comb binding so it will lie flat for easy reference, front and back covers on heavy cover stock, and a clear plastic cover page for added protection and durability. 8˝" x 11" format. Comb bound. 10 pages.

Topics covered in the manual include: 

  • Specifications
  • Parts Illustration   
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Lens Selection and Mounting
  • Standard Lensboards
  • Lens Turret
  • Illumination System
  • Elevation and Focus
  • Oversize Prints
  • Carriage Alignment
  • Projection Assembly Alignment
  • Counterbalance Spring Adjustment   
  • Maintenance
  • Accessories
  • Parts Diagram and Parts List

Note: If your 45MXT enlarger has been fitted with a light source other than the condenser lamphouse, you will also require the appropriate manual for that system.
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