Beseler Lensboard for the Schneider 150mm f/4.0 APO Componon HM

This lensboard is specifically designed for mounting the Schneider APO Componon HM 150mm lens on Beseler enlargers, including the 45M, 45MX, 45MCRX, 45MXII, 45MXT*, 45V-XL*, and CB7 4x5 enlargers, and the 810MXT* and 810V-XL* 8x10 enlargers.  The lens mount has been specially designed by KHB Photografix as a replacement for the Beseler #8088 lensboard, now discontinued.  Since the lens mount is threaded, the mounting flange supplied with the lens is not required, nor is any drilling needed.  It's two piece design allows the orientation of the lens to be adjusted to ensure that the aperture scale faces front.  Lens mounting instructions are included.

* These models require using the Single Lens Adapter.  The 150mm APO Componon HM lens is not suitable for mounting on the Beseler turret.

Product # BS8088
Manufacturer's Part # 8088
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