Condenser Lamphouse for LPL 6600 and 6700 series Enlargers

This is the condenser lamphouse fitted to LPL, Saunders/LPL, and Omega/LPL 6600 enlargers. If you need to replace a damaged or missing lamphouse, or simply wish to switch to condenser from a colorhead or VCCE lamphouse, this is the correct lamphouse for your 6700 series chassis. The double condenser system ensures bright, even illumination, and the filter drawer accepts 3"x 3" (75mm x 75mm) variable contrast or colour printing filters. The lamphouse is supplied with double condenser module, filter drawer, heat absorbing glass, 120V 75W opal enlarging lamp, three-wire grounded electrical cord, and a copy of the 6600 enlarger manual.

It's easy to switch to the condenser lamphouse on all LPL 6700 series enlargers. Simply undo the two lamphouse securing screws, lift off the old lamphouse, and lower the condenser lamphouse into position. Retighten the two screws and you're done.

  Fits the following enlarger chassis:      
  • LPL 6600 Condenser
  • LPL 6700 Dichroic Color and VCCE 
  • Omega/LPL C6600 Condenser
  • Omega/LPL D6700 Dichroic and VCCE 
  • Saunders/LPL C6600 Condenser
  • Saunders/LPL D6700 Dichroic Color and VCCE    

Note: The 6600 Condenser Lamphouse has a maximum negative format capability of 6x6cm (2" x 2"). It is not suitable for 6x7cm negatives.

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Manufacturer's Part # L3321B-00
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