NEW! Counterbalance Spring Upgrade Kit for Omega D-5 Enlargers

New Product!

Virtually all enlargers introduced since 1975 have been designed to use constant force type counterbalance springs.  The Omega B600, C700, C760, and D5500 all have them.  Even the venerable old Beseler 23C was updated with constant force springs decades ago.  Why?  Simply because they work better!  Constant force springs ensure that the weight of the carriage is properly counterbalanced at any position on the column, and provide smoother, more reliable operation of the elevation system.

Unfortunately the Omega D-5 has been saddled with the old, out-dated reel type counterbalance springs throughout its entire production run.  KHB Photografix now has a solution!  Our new upgrade kit allows you to replace the old-fashioned counterbalance springs on your Omega D-5 enlarger with modern, more effective constant force springs. 

The kit has been designed to be installed easily on all versions of the D-5 with just a C-clamp, Philips screwdriver, ¼" wrench, and metal shears (tin snips),  It does not require modifications to the enlarger, and does not affect alignment.  The kit includes all required components and installation instructions.  Without this upgrade, your D-5 just doesn't work as well as it could...or should!

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