De Vere / DeVere Apollo Enlarger Instruction Manual

De Vere / DeVere Apollo Enlarger Instruction Manual
High quality copy of the original DeVere instruction manual for the Apollo autofocus 10x10 vertical enlarger. This deluxe reproduction features a comb binding so it will lie flat for easy reference, full colour cover on heavy cover stock, and a clear plastic cover page for added protection and durability. 8" x 11" format. Comb bound. 55 pages.

The manual includes sections on: 

  • Introduction and System Overview   
  • Unpacking Instructions
  • Assembly
  • Bottom of Column Assembly
  • Fitting the Baseboard
  • Assembly of Removable Head and Lens Stages   
  • Closed Loop Lightsource
  • Main Control Console
  • Pedestal and Controls
  • Printer
  • V.D.U. Displays
  • Manual Hand Control
  • Universal Timer Unit
  • Lens Panel Application chart
  • Negative Carrier Combinations
  • Opertion of Computer
  • Maintenance
  • Fault Finder
  • List of Ancillary Components
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