Dichroic Color Lamphouse for LPL & Saunders/LPL 6700 Enlargers

A dichroic color lamphouse provides the greatest versatility. Not only does it provide great convenience for color printing, it is also an excellent diffusion light source for printing B&W. The magenta and yellow filtration can be used to change contrast grades when printing B&W with variable contrast papers.

The LPL 6700 Dichroic Color lamphouse can be used to replace a damaged or missing lamphouse, or to switch to a color lamphouse from a 6600 condenser or 6700 VCCE head. The fade-free dichroic filters provide yellow, magenta, and cyan filtration from 0 to 170cc.  A "white light lever" is provided to temporarily remove the filtration while you're composing the image or focusing. These lamphouses are equipped with an 85W 82V lamp and do not require an external power supply.

It's easy to change lamphouses on LPL 6600 and 6700 enlargers. Simply undo the two lamphouse securing screws, lift off the old lamphouse, and lower the new lamphouse into position. Retighten the two screws and you're done. 

  Fits the following enlarger chassis:      
  • LPL 6600 Condenser
  • LPL 6700 Dichroic Color and VCCE 
  • Omega/LPL C6600 Double Condenser
  • Omega/LPL 6700 Dichroic and VCCE
  • Saunders/LPL C6600 Double-Condenser    
  • Saunders/LPL 6700 Dichroic Color and VCCE

Note: This lamphouse is configured for 120V/60Hz operation. Supplied complete with 85W/82V enlarging lamp and instruction manual.

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