Dust Cover for LPL Medium Format Enlargers

Dust Cover for LPL Medium Format Enlargers
Genuine LPL Dust Cover keeps the dust and grime off your enlarger between printing sessions, and helps prevent it ending up on your negatives. If you have to put your enlarger into storage, covering it with a dust cover will save you a lot of cleaning later on. This heavy duty cover will help keep your enlarger in top shape for years.

  • Heavy-gauge vinyl plastic

  • Drawstring on bottom edge
  • Approx. 25"W x 29" tall
  • Intended for all medium format LPL, Saunders/LPL and Omega/LPL enlargers

  • Fits colorhead, VCCE and condenser models
Product # LPL00298
Manufacturer's Part # L3241-90
Condition New
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