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Fine Focus Extension Kit for Beseler 45V-XL Enlargers

The Beseler 45V-XL enlarger is normally supplied with two extension shafts, one short and one long, to attach to the fine focus control in order to provide a convenient means for final precise focusing. However, to swap these shafts back and forth, you have to stop and use an Allen wrench to loosen the set screws on the one currently in use, and then install the other shaft.

Our new Fine Focus Extension Kit for the 45V-XL uses quick connectors to provide greater convenience. Once the short flex shaft is installed on the fine focus control, you simply insert the end of the handle into the end of the flex shaft for an 11" long extension for use when working with smaller enlargements. For large magnifications, disconnect the handle, snap in the long extension shaft, and attach the handle to the end of the long shaft for a full 30" extension. The change back and forth can be made in just seconds, with no tools required. If your 45V-XL is missing the original Beseler shafts, or you just want a more convenient system, this is the kit you need.
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