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Ilford Paper Samples Swatch Book

Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available

Ilford produces a wide range of photographic papers - resin coated and fiber base; Multigrade and graded; neutral, warmtone, and cooltone; and in a variety of different surfaces.  Selecting the most appropriate paper for a specific image can be difficult since most darkrooms do not have all the different papers on hand to choose from.  This swatch book can make the task easier by providing actual B&W prints from a variety of negatives on 5"x7" samples of the individual papers. 

Includes sample prints of: 

  • Multigrade IV RC Deluxe 1M Glossy
  • Multigrade IV RC Deluxe 25M Satin
  • Multigrade IV RC Deluxe 44M Pearl
  • Multigrade RC Warmtone 1M Glossy
  • Multigrade RC Warmtone 44M Pearl   
  • Multigrade RC Portfolio 1K Glossy
  • Multigrade RC Portfolio 44K Pearl
  • Multigrade RC Cooltone 1M Glossy
  • Multigrade RC Cooltone 44M Pearl
  • Ilfospeed RC Deluxe Grade 3.1M Glossy    
  • Ilfospeed RC Deluxe Grade 3.44M Pearl
  • Multigrade IV FB Classic 1K Glossy
  • Multigrade IV FB Classic 5K Matt
  • Multigrade FB Cooltone 1K Glossy
  • Multigrade FB Warmtone 24K Semi-Matt
  • Ilfobrom Galerie FB Grade 3.1K Glossy
  • Multigrade Art 300 Textured Art Paper


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