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Kodak Model B Safelight with 1A Red Filter & Wall Bracket - Used

The versatile Kodak Model B Safelight can be simply set on a counter or mounted on the wall with the included wall bracket. The circular base of the stand can rotate in the wall bracket and the swivel stand allows the safelight to be tilted as required. The electrical cord can be plugged directly into an AC receptacle or the 'Safelight' receptacle of an enlarging timer. These safelights are supplied with a 5˝" diameter 1A-type red filter, suitable for use with most Kodak B&W photographic papers and certain graphic arts materials. Optional filters for other photographic materials are available if required.  Please refer to the product data sheet packed with the material you are using to determine the recommended safelight filter.

These safelights are used and the housings and filters have minor cosmetic scrapes and scuffs, but are clean and in perfect working condition. Each safelight includes a standard 15W 130V frosted lamp and a copy of the Kodak Safelight Filters data sheet, which includes instructions for safelight testing.

NOTE: No safelight filter is 100% safe for an indefinite period! Always perform a safelight test with the materials you're using to determine the maximum exposure before fogging begins to occur. For information on how to conduct safelight testing, click here.
Product # KodakB/1A#
Condition Certified Used
Warranty 6 Months
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