Liner Kit for Beseler 6744 & 8014 35mm Mixing Chamber

Liner Kit for Beseler 6744 & 8014 35mm Mixing Chamber
The mixing chambers of most dichroic colorheads are lined with polystyrene foam panels which provide a highly reflective and diffuse white surface, to provide bright and even illumination. However, over time these pieces will become discolored, and often damaged, from the light and heat. This will eventually begin to affect the light output, color temperature, and evenness of illumination.

This kit includes all replacement panels required to reline the Beseler #6744 35mm Mixing Chamber as supplied with the Dichro 35S, and optional for Dichro 67, Dichro 67S, and 67 variable contrast heads, and the optional #8014 35mm Mixing Chamber for 23CII-XL Dichro Colorhead and 23CIII-XL VC and Dichroic lamphouses. If the housing, diffuser panel, and heat filter are still in good condition, this is an easy and inexpensive way to bring your mixing chamber back to like new performance.

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