Omega C760 Dichroic Lamphouse for C760 and C700 Enlargers

The popular C760 Dichroic Colorhead can be fitted to Omega C760, C700, and B600 enlarger chassis as supplied, and can be fitted to C67, B66, and  B22 enlarger chassis with the appropriate adapter kit.

    C760 Dichroic Color Lamphouse features:

  • can be installed on Omega C760, C700, C-67, B-66, and B-22 chassis
  • fade-free yellow, magenta, and cyan dichroic filters
  • step-less filtration range from 0 - 200 for all three filters
  • illuminated, color-coded filtration scales
  • highly efficient light system using an 85W quartz halogen lamp
  • supplied with 35mm and 6x7 mixing chambers
  • light attenuators for reducing light output
  • white light lever temporarily removes filtration for focusing and composing
  • requires no external power supply; plugs directly into timer
  • diffusion illumination suppresses dust and scratch marks
  • accepts optional C760 voltage stabilizer
  • 120V 60Hz operation    

Supplied with 35mm and 6x7 light mixing chambers, 85W 82V quartz-halogen reflector lamp, set of three light attenuators, mounting bracket for C700 and B600 enlargers, wrench, and instruction manual.

The used colourheads likely have minor cosmetic blemishes from previous use, but are certified to be in perfect working condition. Both the new and refurbished  units have a 1 year warranty.

Product # 9-403-622
Manufacturer's Part # 403-622
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