Omega D-2 / D2V 4x5 Enlarger Manual

Omega D-2 / D2V 4x5 Enlarger Manual

High quality copy of the Omega instruction manual for the D-2 and D-2V condenser enlargers. This reproduction has been enlarged slightly from the original size for greater clarity. 4-3/4" x 8-1/2" format, staple bound, 24 pages.


Topics covered in the manual include: 

  • How To Assemble the D-2 and D-2V   
  • Lenses and Lensmounts
  • Recommended Lenses
  • Lensmounts and Condensers
  • D-2 Condenser Lamphouse
  • D-2 Variable Condenser Lamphouse
  • Omegalite Lamphouse
  • Negative Carriers
  • How To Operate the D-2 and D-2V
  • How To Handle Special Work
  • General Information
  • Accessories

Note: While this is an excellent reproduction of the original factory D-2 manual, we strongly recommend that D-2 owners purchase our revised and updated Omega D-2 & D2-XL Enlarger Manual which is more comprehensive, also covers the Super Chromega D Dichroic colorhead, and includes parts lists and parts diagrams

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