Omega D5500 CLS Dichroic Lamphouse Instruction Manual

Omega D5500 CLS Dichroic Lamphouse Instruction Manual
High quality copy of the original Omega instruction manual for the Omega D5500 Auto Closed Loop System Dichroic Lamphouse and Controller or Translator/Controller. This deluxe reproduction features a comb binding so it will lie flat for easy reference, front and back covers on heavy cover stock, and a clear plastic cover page for added protection and durability. Our D5500 Lamphouse manual includes a parts diagram and parts list. 8˝" x 11" format. Comb bound. 17 pages plus parts diagram.

Topics covered in the manual include: 

  • Lamphouse Operating Controls
  • Electrical Connections
  • Controller Operating Controls and Component Locations
  • System Set-Up Procedure
  • Programming Procedure
  • Operating With an "On-Easel" Color Analyzer
  • Operating With an "Off-Easel" Analyzer
  • Using the Automatic Neutral Density Feature
  • Calibration Procedure
  • Cancellation of Calibration Memory Values
  • Translator/Controller Operational Controls and Component Locations   
  • How to Balance the System to a Standard Negative for VCNA
  • Recalling Memory Values
  • Changing Memory Channels
  • Selecting a Color Reference Channel
  • How to Use Process Monitoring Correction Memory "0"
  • Interchangeable Mixing Chambers
  • Mixing Chamber "White Light" Adjustment Procedures
  • Procedure for Matching Mixing Chamber to a Common Light Source
  • Density Probe Operating Instructions
  • Brightness Controls for LED and Panel Illumination
  • Dual pedal Footswitch Operation
  • Audible Tone On/Off Switch
  • Display Diagnostic Messages
  • Black and White Printing
  • Routine Maintenance
  • D5500 Lamphouse Accessories
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