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35mm "Full Frame" Negative Carrier for LPL 6700 & 7700 Enlargers

The image opening on the the standard LPL 35mm format negative carrier is 24mm x 36mm. That size crops a typical 35mm negative very slightly along all edges, which is fine for most users. But for those who wish to print full frame 35mm negatives, or who want to print a black border around the edges of the image, we offer this custom carrier with oversize 26mm x 38mm image opening. These glassless hinged carriers fit LPL, Saunders/LPL, Jobo/LPL, and Omega/LPL medium format enlargers.

Fits the following enlargers:

  • LPL 7700 Condenser, VCCE, and Dichroic Color
  • LPL 6600 Condenser
  • LPL 6700 Dichroic Color and VCCE
  • Jobo/LPL 7700 Dichroic Color and VCCE
  • Omega/LPL 670XL Condenser, VCCE, and Dichroic Color
  • Omega/LPL C6600 Double Condenser
  • Omega/LPL D6700 Dichroic and VC6700 VCCE
  • Saunders/LPL 670XL Condenser, VCCE and Dichroic Color   
  • Saunders/LPL C6600 Double-Condenser
  • Saunders/LPL D6700 Dichroic Color
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