Refurbishing Kit for Beseler 23C and 23C-II Enlargers

The Beseler #7010 Refurbishing Kit contains common replacement parts for servicing 23C and 23C-II enlargers. Since the elevation lock system is different on 23C-III models, this kit is not recommended for 23CIII-XL enlargers.

Kit contains the following parts:      

  • Elevation gears and roll pins (2 each)
  • Carriage elevation lock kit (1 set)   
  • Right side neg. stage cam and set screws (1 set)   
  • Negative stage springs (2)
  • Negative stage spring studs (2)
  • Stage tension springs (2)
  • Guide bushings (4)
  • Rubber baseboard feet (4)
  • Carriage elevation crank (1) (see note below)
  • Installation instructions

Note: The carriage elevation crank is different between 23CII and earlier 23C and 23C Series II models. On 23C-II enlargers the crank handle is secured to the shaft by a screw on the end of the shaft, while on earlier models the crank handle is secured to the shaft by set screws. Select the appropriate kit for your enlarger to ensure you receive the correct elevation crank.

Product # BS70101
Manufacturer's Part # 7010
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