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Simmon Omega B-5 Automega B5 Enlarger Instruction Manual

Simmon Omega B-5 Automega B5 Enlarger Instruction Manual
High quality copy of the original Omega instruction manual for Automega B-5 autofocus condenser enlargers. This reproduction has been enlarged slightly from the original size for greater clarity. 5" x 8˝" format. Staple bound. 16 pages.

Topics covered in the manual include: 

  • List Of Principal Parts
  • How To Set Up The B-5
  • Lenses, Mounts, Condensers and Tracks   
  • Film-Holders
  • Adjusting the Enlarger to Desired Negative Size     
  • Placing the Negative Into the Enlarger
  • Adjusting the Magnification
  • Exposures
  • Replacing Lamp
  • Cleaning Condensers
  • Contrast Control
  • Very Small Magnifications or Reductions
  • Very Large Magnifications
  • Copy Attachment
  • General Information
  • Accessory List
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