Variable Contrast VCCE Lamphouse for LPL 6700 Enlargers

For anyone printing B&W negatives on variable contrast paper, a VCCE (Variable Contrast, Constant Exposure) light source can make printing easier and save time and money. With the VCCE head you're able to change contrast grades by simply turning a knob, and without having to change exposure values when you make a change. The stepless filtration allows you to select any grade from 00 to 5, or any value in between grades.

If you've been using a Dichroic Color head for variable contrast printing, you know that you have to adjust the exposure each time you make a change in the filtration. That's not necessary with a VCCE lamphouse - the f-stop and exposure time stay the same no matter what grade is selected. Therefore, you won't have to make as many test prints or exposure calculations. When using acetate variable contrast filters in a condenser head, you're limited to 1/2 grade increments, but with the VCCE lamphouse you can make very fine adjustments between grades, and don't have any filters to handle or keep clean. A "white light lever" is provided to temporarily remove the filtration while you're composing the image or focusing. It's easy to upgrade to the VCCE lamphouse on all LPL 6600 condenser and 6700 Dichroic enlargers. Simply undo the two lamphouse securing screws, lift off the old lamphouse, and lower the VCCE lamphouse into position. Retighten the two screws and you're done. 

  Fits the following enlarger chassis:      
  • LPL 6600 Condenser
  • LPL 6700 Dichroic Color 
  • Omega/LPL C6600 Double Condenser
  • Omega/LPL D6700 Dichroic Color
  • Saunders/LPL C6600 Double-Condenser    
  • Saunders/LPL D6700 Dichroic Color

This lamphouse is configured for 120V/60Hz operation. Supplied complete with 85W/82V enlarging lamp and instruction manual.

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