Voltage Stabilizer for Omega C760 and C-700 Dichroic Colorheads - Used

For color printing a voltage stabilizer is virtually mandatory. Voltage fluctuations not only affect the light output, but the color temperature of the light as well, making it difficult if not impossible to achieve the correct color balance. Even for B&W printing, you'll get more consistent exposures and repeatability using a voltage stabilizer. Voltage fluctuations can also shorten the life of quartz-halogen enlarger lamps.

The Omega Modular System Voltage Stabilizer is designed for use with Omega the C760 Dichroic colorhead, the C760 Diffusion lamphouse, and the C-700 Dichroic colorhead using 85W 82V lamps. You simply plug the stabilizer into the "Enlarger" outlet on your enlarging timer and plug the electrical cord from the lamphouse into the stabilizer. It provides constant voltage output to the lamp circuit regulated to 3% from inputs of 100 to 130volts.

Although Omega intended these stabilizers for their own lamphouses, they are also equally suitable as a substitute for the Beseler #6731 stabilizer for use with Beseler Dichro 67S and Dichro 35S colorheads, the Beseler 67 VC lamphouse, and LPL, Saunders/LPL, and Omega/LPL Dichroic and VCCE 6700 series enlargers using 85W 82V lamps as sold in the USA and Canada.

These used voltage stabilizers have been tested to ensure that they are working to factory specifications, and we provide a 1-year warranty.

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Manufacturer's Part # 403-730
Condition Certified Used
Warranty 1 year
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