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Barebulb Pencil Light Flashtube Extension Cable

This flashtube extension cable can be used to provide a bare bulb "pencil light" (or "strobe-on-a-rope") option to a number of popular flash systems.  You simply remove the flashtube from the flash head and plug it into the socket end of the cable, then insert the cable plug into the flashtube socket on the flash.  The base of the socket housing has a standard 1/4-20 threaded hole for convenient mounting and positioning of the flashtube.  Supplied with 8-foot cord (custom lengths are available on request).

The cable is compatible with the Sunpak 120J, Sunpak 622 Barebulb head, Norman 200-B, barebulb conversions such as the Armatar and NVS-1 flashes, and other flash units using similar 4-pin flashtubes.  It is not compatible with Norman 400-B or Quantum flash units.  If you have questions about compatibility with flash units not specified, please contact us.

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