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Beseler Printmaker 35 Condenser Enlarger with Lens and Negative Carrier - Refurbished

The Beseler Printmaker is an excellent compact 35mm condenser enlarger enlarger for beginners, darkrooms with limited space, or those who must to set up their darkrooms in temporary spaces. It's sturdy, modern design has made this series of enlargers popular with schools and home darkroom enthusiasts for years. The lamphouse filter drawer can be used for filters for variable contrast B&W papers or color printing. Prints up to 11"x14" can easily be made on the baseboard, while even larger prints are possible by reversing the column and projecting onto the floor. The refurbished enlarger comes complete with 75W enlarging lamp, condenser lens, lamphouse filter tray, under-the-lens filter holder, red safety filter, lensboard, 50mm f3.5 enlarging lens, lens retaining ring, 35mm negative carrier, and a copy of the Printmaker 35 instruction manual.

Beseler Printmaker 35 Enlarger Features:      

  • rigid steel girder with reference scale
  • counterbalanced "lift and lock" elevation system
  • focus knob can be installed on right or left side
  • lamphouse filter tray for variable contrast or color printing filters
  • under lens filter holder for red safety filter or variable contrast filters
  • sliding lamphouse door for easy access to lamp, filter tray, and condensers   
  • accepts spring-loaded glassless negative carriers 
  • carriers can be inserted vertically or horizontally
  • metal "quick-change" lensboard
  • up to 11"x14" prints on the baseboard
  • for even larger prints, column can be reversed for floor projection
  • can be upgraded to a Printmaker 67 with an optional condenser set 
  • optional dichroic colorhead available
  • 14" x 19" baseboard
  • maximum height: 39-¼ inches
  • supplied with 50mm lens, 35mm negative carrier and instruction manual


Product # BS6759K#
Manufacturer's Part # 6759
Condition Refurbished
Warranty 1-year
Our price: CA$499.00
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