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DV Conversion Kit for Omega D-II, D2, and D3 Enlargers - Used

Originally, the condenser heads on the DII, D-2, and D-3 enlargers required several sets of accessory condensers in order to print medium format and 35mm negatives. Having to buy those extra condenser sets was rather expensive, and having to swap them back and forth was slow and awkward. The DV Variable Condenser lamphouse changed all that. It has a variable lens that is simply moved to different slots in the lamphouse depending on the focal length of the enlarging lens being used. Far more convenient!

Omega subsequently made a kit available to convert the older lamphouses to DV specification, and many users have made the change. But there are still a lot of those old type condenser heads out there, and over the years many of the accessory condenser sets have been lost or damaged. (For more information on the early condenser lamphouses, see the Condenser Heads page of our Omega Enlarger Guide.)

If you have one of those older heads, the DV Conversion Kit is an easy way to update to the same specification as the current DV lamphouse. It simply replaces the lamphouse extension (the middle part with the mounting lugs) of the old head. You use your existing lamp cap and 6½" condenser assembly. A diagram on the inside of the access door shows the proper placement of the variable condenser lens based on the focal length of the lens you're using.

The used DV Conversion Kits are in excellent condition and are supplied with variable condenser lens and installation instructions and may vary slightly in appearance. 

The new kits appear different, have the paint finish, graphics and magnetic door catch reflecting the last DV lamphouse production from the factory and are supplied with condenser and instructions as above.

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