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Flexible Focus Extension Kit for Omega D5 & E Enlargers

Trying to achieve precise focus when making very large prints can be exasperating. With your head at the focus scope you can't reach the focus knob, so it's back and forth, trial and error, turning the focus knob slightly and then back to the focus scope to see if the last adjustment happened to result in precise focus. The solution is a flexible focus shaft extension to allow you to conveniently adjust the focus without having to take your eye away from the focus magnifier.


Our new Flexible Focus Shaft Extension Kit is designed to provide maximum convenience and versatility. The three piece kit consists of a 20" flex shaft, 8" handle, and an adapter/focus knob. The adapter knob replaces the original focus knob. The flexible shaft then simply snaps onto the the quick-connect post on the adapter knob. The flexible shaft can be connected or removed instantly as required. Overall length of the assembled extension shaft is 28". For situations where even greater length is required, an optional 18" extension is available to fit between the handle and flex shaft. The adapter knob supplied with this kit will fit the 3/8" diameter focus shaft on Omega D-5, D-6, and Super Chromega E Dichroic enlargers. The only tool required to install is an Allen wrench. Installation instructions are included. Additional adapter knobs are available to fit Omega and Beseler enlargers, so that one extension can be shared between multiple enlargers.

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