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Elevation Gear Replacement Kit for Omega Enlargers

Omega has always sold replacement gears individually, and with no instructions as to how to properly install them. Our special kit includes one gear that is secured to the elevation shaft with a roll pin, like the original gears. The other gear, in order to align it properly with the first, is secured with set screws. The elevation shaft assembly uses three fiber washers, and when you disassemble the shaft to install the gears, you will typically find that the fiber washers have been worn out or torn, so our kit also includes replacement washers. And we include instructions for installation and adjustment of the gears.

Fits the following:      

  • Omega D-2, D-3, D-4, D-5, and D-6 4x5 enlargers
  • Omega B-7, B-8, B-9, and B-10 6x9 enlargers    
  • Omega E-5, E-6, and Chromega E Dichroic 5x7 enlargers   

Tip: Before ordering replacement gears, you may want to check the overall condition of the elevation system. The gears do not normally experience a lot of wear if the system is in good working order. If the gears have badly worn or broken teeth, it may be a symptom of other problems. With the elevation brake off, the carriage should remain in position, and you should be able to raise and lower the carriage with just finger pressure. If the carriage does not move smoothly, check that the counterbalance springs are still functioning properly and that there is nothing restricting the movement of the carriage.

As well, on older enlargers with heavy use, the elevation shaft and bearing strips may be worn. Check for play in the shaft where the ends pass through the bearing strips. There should be very little movement. If more than just the gears are required, consider replacing the entire assembly - please see the separate listing for the complete elevation shaft assembly.

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