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LPL VC7700 6x7 VCCE Enlarger Instruction Manual

LPL VC7700 6x7 VCCE Enlarger Instruction Manual

High quality reproduction of the original instruction manual for LPL 7700 series enlargers with the VCCE Variable Contrast B&W lamphouse. (In the USA the same enlarger is sold as the Omega/LPL 670 VCCE Dichroic Auto Variable Contrast enlarger, and previously as the Saunders/LPL 670 VCCE enlarger.) 5½"x 8½" format. Staple bound. 15 pages.


  The manual includes sections on: 

  • Specifications
  • Identification of Parts
  • Assembly of Column to Baseboard   
  • Installing the Carriage Assembly
  • Installing the Lamphouse
  • Connecting the Power Supply
  • Elevation Control 
  • Focusing Control
  • Printing with the VCCE Enlarger
  • Floor Projection
  • Distortion Control
  • Optional Accessories


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