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Lamp Socket for Omega Chromega D and E Dichroic Colorheads

The Super Chromega D and E Dichroic colorheads are well known to be reliable workhorses. But to keep them working properly, they do require periodic maintenance, and there are a few parts which require replacement occasionally. One of those is the lamp socket. The fact is that the OEM socket is not a very good design. Electrical contact is from a flat metal strip pressing against the round contact pin on the lamp. With such a small contact area, it's easy for resistance and heat to build until the contacts become scorched.

Next time you remove the lamp from the socket, examine the contact pins on the lamp. If they're badly discolored, or burned and pitted, the contacts in the socket will be as well. It's time to replace the socket.

Even though they look very similar externally, these replacement sockets are a much better design than the original Omega sockets. They have two curved contacts for each lamp pin, providing much greater contact area, and a separate pressure spring to ensure positive contact. This results in less resistance and heat, resulting in greater reliability. Installation requires no modification - they are a straight replacement for the OEM sockets. Installation instructions are included.

Product # 91030662
Manufacturer's Part # 9-103-0662
Condition New
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