Lifting Lever Kit for Omega D Dichroic Colorhead - 4" offset - Used

This kit is specifically configured for installing a Super Chromega D Dichroic or Super Chromega D Dichroic II lamphouse on a D-5 or D-6 chassis. If you are unsure as to which Omega D chassis you have, please click here to access our instruction page. If you need a kit with 3" lifting arms for a D-2 or D-3 chassis, or require a kit for mounting a condenser lamphouse, please refer to the separate listings.

The kit is supplied assembled as illustrated, aligned and lubricated, ready to mount on later enlargers. For early enlargers, some disassembly and re-assembly may be required. Installation instructions are included. Kits contain both new and used components, but all components are in excellent condition.

Product # 9-429-115D
Manufacturer's Part # 429-115-D
Condition Certified Used
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