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Omega D6 / ProLab D-6 4x5 Enlarger Instruction Manual

Omega D6 / ProLab D-6 4x5 Enlarger Instruction Manual

High quality copy of the original Omega instruction manual for Pro-Lab D-6 enlargers with Zoom Condenser Lamphouse. With our Omega D-6 manual we also include a Parts List and Lens Mount Reference Chart. 5½" x 8½" format. Staple bound. 16 pages. Parts list is in 8½" x 11" format.


Topics covered in the manual include: 

  • Principal Parts
  • How To Set Up The Pro-Lab D-6
  • Use of Masking Attachment
  • Lenses and Lensmounts
  • D-6 Condenser Lamphouse
  • Negative Carriers
  • How To Use The Lens Turret
  • Setting Zoom Condenser
  • Bellows Adjustment
  • Very Small Magnifications
  • Very Large Magnifications
  • Recommended Maintenance Procedure   


Note: The D-6 manual covers the zoom condenser lamphouse only. If your D-6 chassis has been fitted with a Super Chromega D Dichroic lamphouse, we recommend that you purchase the "Super Chromega D Dichroic II Lamphouse" manual as well.

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