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PH213 PH-213 250W 120V Opal Enlarging / Photoflood Lamp

The PH213 lamp is something of an oddity. It is rarely if ever specified as the principal lamp for any application, but can be used as a substitute for other lamps in certain situations.

It can be used as a temporary higher wattage substitute in enlargers for which a PH212 lamp is normally specified, such as the Beseler 45M 4x5 condenser lamphouse. The PH213 produces more than twice the light output compared to a PH212, but care must be taken to ensure that the lamp is on for a minimum amount of time to avoid overheating the lamphouse and causing damage. The use of heat absorbing glass is highly recommended. Note that while the PH213 produces much greater light output it is at the expense of lamp life - the average lamp life of a PH213 is rated at only 3 hours. The PH213 should NOT be used in enlargers where a 75W PH211 lamp is specified.

Some of the older large format enlargers, such as the Elwoods, specified large PH301 300W enlarging lamps, but those lamps have been discontinued for quite some time. The PH213 is the closest available substitute for the PH301 in those enlargers. However, note that because the PH213 is physically smaller that the original lamp, it may be necessary to adjust the position of the lamp socket to achieve even illumination.

The PH213 can also be used as a substitute for similar size photoflood lamps, such as the BBA lamp. Compared to the BBA, the PH213 produces the same light output, but provides a softer, slightly warmer light.

   PH213 Lamp Specifications: 

  • 115 - 125 volts
  • 250 Watts
  • Base: E26 medium screw
  • Bulb: A-21 white
  • Rated Average Life: 3 hours
  • Intensity: 7000 lumens
  • Colour Temperature: 3400° Kelvin  

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