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Flexible Focus Extension for LPL 4x5 and 7700 Enlargers

When making big enlargements, accurate focusing can be difficult when you can't reach the focus knob while keeping your head near the surface of the easel to check focus. For owners of LPL and Jobo/LPL 4x5 and 7700 enlargers, and Saunders/LPL and Omega/LPL 4x5 and 670XL enlargers, this Flexible Focus Extension can make focusing much easier. The cup on the end of the shaft fits easily onto the fine focus knob (standard on LPL 4x5 enlargers, an optional accessory for 7700 enlargers). The flex portion allows the shaft to hang down at a slight angle, keeping the focusing knob conveniently at hand without interfering with the projected image. When not required, it detaches instantly. Over-all length approximately 29" (73cm).

Fits the following:      

  • LPL 7450, 7451, 7452, and 7452L 4x5 enlargers
  • Jobo/LPL 7415, 7425, and 7435 4x5 enlargers
  • Omega/LPL 4500-II and 4550XLG 4x5 enlargers
  • Saunders/LPL 4500, 4500-II, 4550XL and 4550XLG 4x5 enlargers    
  • LPL 7700 series 6x7 enlargers*
  • Jobo/LPL 7700 series 6x7 enlargers*
  • Omega/LPL 670XL series 6x7 enlargers*
  • Saunders/LPL 670XL series 6x7 enlargers*

*these models require the LPL Fine Focus Attachment, sold separately.

Product # LPL40220
Manufacturer's Part # L3684-21
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  • Author: Helcio J Tagliolatto
    Ingeniously designed, it fulfills its objective. Just be careful when reaching the focus limit: the increased torque can damage the fine focus control.
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