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LPL C6700 Dichroic Colour 6x7 Enlarger

Sturdy, economical, easy to use, medium format enlarger handles all popular negative formats up to 6x7cm. The Dichroic Color lamphouse is designed for colour printing, but with independent control of the three colour filters it is also very practical for B&W printing on graded or variable contrast papers.

LPL C6700 Dichroic Color Enlarger Features:      

  • capable of handling negative formats up to 6x7cm
  • fade-free dichroic filters provide 0-170 yellow, magenta and cyan filtration   
  • white light lever for convenient focusing and image composition
  • fully counterbalanced press-to-lift, release-to-lock elevation control
  • column can be reversed for floor projection
  • oversize focus knob for precise focusing
  • built-in 39mm threaded lensboard 
  • magnification scale on column face
  • includes 35mm negative carrier, 85W 82V lamp, and B&W red safety filter   
  • accepts all LPL 7700 (670XL) series negative carriers
  • optional accessories include a universal glass masking carrier, dust cover and copy camera adapter
  • maximum height: 42½" (108cm)
  • maximum magnification on baseboard: 15X
  • baseboard size: 18"x 18" (45x45cm) 
  • 120V 60Hz operation

For more information on the LPL C6700 Dichroic enlarger and accessories, please refer to our LPL Enlarger Guide.

Note: These enlargers ship in two cartons. In order to correctly calculate the shipping for both boxes, when you add this item to your cart a baseboard will also be added at $0.00

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