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LPL VC7700 Variable Contrast 6x7 B&W Enlarger

Sturdy, easy to use, professional quality medium format enlarger handles all negative formats up to 6x7cm. The VCCE (Variable Contrast, Constant Exposure) lamphouse simplifies printing on variable contrast papers - you simply dial in the contrast grade desired, while the exposure remains the same at all contrast settings. Dual channels are provided to handle the slightly different requirements of Kodak Polycontrast III RC ( and compatible papers), and Ilford Multigrade III RC (and compatible papers).

   LPL VC-7700 Variable Contrast Enlarger Features:      

  • capable of handling all negative formats up to 6x7cm
  • 0-5 contrast grade settings for Kodak and Ilford variable contrast papers
  • exposure settings remain constant through contrast adjustments
  • XL aluminum girder allows for enlargements up to 16"x20"
  • counterbalanced carriage with lift-and-lock elevation control
  • left and right-hand focus knobs
  • white light switch with indicator for focusing and image composition
  • head rotates for wall projection
  • lens stage tilt and shift capability for distortion correction
  • girder can be reversed for floor projection
  • quick change lensboard system
  • reference scale on girder
  • includes reversible 39mm threaded lensboard and red safety filter
  • accepts hinged glassless carriers in standard formats
  • optional accessories include a universal glass masking carrier, fine focus attachment, focusing extension, and copy camera adapter

Includes 120V or 220V power supply, 100W 12V enlarging lamp, and one 39mm threaded lensboard. Lenses and negative carriers are not included. For more information on the LPL VC7700 VCCE enlarger and accessories, please refer to our LPL Enlarger Guide.

Note: These enlargers ship in two cartons. In order to correctly calculate the shipping for both boxes, when you add this item to your cart a baseboard will also be added at $0.00

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