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LPL VC6700 Variable Contrast 6x7 Enlarger - Refurbished

The LPL 6700 VCCE enlarger provides an excellent combination of quality, convenience and economy. It combines the convenience of a VCCE (Variable Contrast, Constant Exposure) lamphouse - you merely dial in the desired contrast grade, while exposure settings remain the same - with the compact, sturdy, and economical LPL 6600/6700 enlarger chassis, which handles negative formats up to 6x7cm.

LPL VC6700 VCCE Enlarger Features:      

  • capable of handling negative formats up to 6x7cm
  • 00-5 contrast grade settings for variable contrast papers, and  can be used for printing on graded B&W papers as well
  • exposure settings remain constant through contrast adjustments
  • white light switch for convenient focusing and image composition
  • counterbalanced press-to-lift, release-to-lock elevation control
  • column can be reversed for floor projection
  • built-in 39mm lensboard 
  • magnification scale on column face
  • includes 35mm negative carrier, 85W 82V lamp, and red safety filter   
  • accepts all LPL 7700 (670XL) series negative carriers
  • optional accessories include a universal glass masking carrier, and  copy camera adapter
  • maximum height: 42½" (108cm)
  • maximum magnification on baseboard: 12X
  • baseboard size: 18"x 18" (45x45cm) 

This enlarger is used and has some minor cosmetic marks from previous use, but has been refurbished to perfect working condition, and we provide a 1-year warranty. For more information on the LPL 6600 condenser enlarger and accessories, please refer to our LPL Enlarger Guide..

Note: These enlargers ship in two cartons. In order to correctly calculate the shipping for both boxes, when you add this item to your cart, a baseboard will also be added at $0.00

Product # LPL03670#
Condition Certified Used
Warranty 1 Year
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