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Variable Contrast VCCE Module for LPL 4x5 Enlargers

One of the distinct advantages of LPL 4x5 enlargers is their modular lamphouse design. By interchanging filtration modules, the enlarger can be optimized for different types of printing. Three different modules are available - Dichroic Color, VCCE, and B&W Diffusion.

VCCE stands for "Variable Contrast, Constant Exposure." The VCCE module is ideal for use with variable contrast papers since you just dial in the desired contrast - exposure time and lens aperture settings remain constant as contrast settings are changed. No exposure recalculation is required. The VCCE module has two channels to match the slightly different requirements of Kodak Polycontrast III RC (and other compatible papers), and Ilford Multigrade III RC (and other compatible papers.) You can quickly switch between channels by means of a simple slide switch on the front panel. The module also has a convenient "White Light switch," which temporarily removes all filtration to maximize light output for focusing and image composition.

The LPL VCCE module fits the following:      

  • LPL 7450, 7451, 7452, and 7452L 4x5 enlargers
  • Omega/LPL 4500-II and 4550XLG 4x5 enlargers
  • Saunders/LPL 4500, 4500-II, 4550XL, and 4550XLG 4x5 enlargers    
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